Cats and the Internet: A perfect Combination!

Who doesn't love cat pictures?  There is a long history of cats and the internet.  First with an animated GIF and later,. the site, I Can Has Cheeseburger or the infamous LOLCATS site. 

Influenced perhaps, by one of the most famous felines of all time, Garfield, the internet is a perfect platform for cats cats..

Cats are...well, just funny, and cute, and do cat-like things! 

Be ready to take a picture of your cat because suddenly he may do something so like a cat! 

Very rarely do they pose...but they can be show offs.  

Greg Esperson #4.jpg

Winner #4 Photo Greg Esperson

Feline Fix by Five had its FB Photo Contest last month and it was a great success! 

Share your favorite picture and we will send you your Feline Fix by Five Decal for Free! 

Offer expires 5/15/18. 

Are You Going to Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp?

What is Cat Camp, you ask? Cat Camp is sponsored by Jackson Galaxy and is a celebration of cats and is rooted in advocacy.

 Photo by  Kitty Terwolbeck  on  /  CC BY


This is an everything feline-focused festival which was created to bring cat enthusiasts together to network with other cat enthusiasts and personalities, shop for cat merchandise, and engage in a discussion about what we can do to help our beloved feline friends.

This is the second year for the festival.  The dates are May 5-6, 2018 at Penn Plaza Pavilion, located at 401 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001. Tickets start at $25 for adults. 


Feline Fix by Five Facebook Contest Results

Thank you to all who entered our Feline Fix by Five Photo Contest! We have randomly picked our winners. 

Here are some of their lovely photos

 Winner #2 Robin B. 

Winner #2 Robin B. 

 Winner #1 Photo Credit Susan L. 

Winner #1 Photo Credit Susan L. 

 Winner #4 Photo Credit Greg E. 

Winner #4 Photo Credit Greg E. 

We had a great time looking at ALL of the lovely photos of your Fixed by Five Kitties.  Thank you to our Sponsor Pet Wise.  

three prizes_preview.jpeg

Five Ways that Kitty Shows She Loves You

It will soon be Valentine's Day and a day that can we honor our beloved felines and marvel at the animal human bond.  It is such a privilege to have the love of a cat. . 

boy and cat.jpg

Have you ever wondered why your cat head butts, kneads and stares at you slowly and blinks? 

He is showing you the love and showing you that he cares about you, has a connection with you and likes to spend time with you. 

kitten w heart.jpg


How about when he rolls over and shows you his tummy or bends the end of his tail? 

Yup! You got it! He loves you!

When he rolls over and shows you the most vulnerable part, he is actually saying, "I Trust You." 

The tail is like a kitty barometer of how he is feeling! By paying attention to those signals you have a good idea how she feels at that moment. 


Cat Wine?

The food and drink category is becoming more and more popular with food and beverages tailored just to your cats' palette!

We've got just the purrfect beverage for Super Bowl activities with your favorite feline this weekend! How about Pinot Meow or White Kittendel from Apolo Peak. ? Or how about some Meow & Chandon from the Pet Winery in Fort Myers, Florida?  But, don't worry! The beverages are actually just watered-down catnip. Have fun! 


Tune in to Kitten Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018

That's right! It's that time again!  You will be able to see Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl V, a feline catstravaganza! 

The celebration is on! Feline Football League-Who will be the Champions? 

Meet Star, Ginger, Chili and the other contenders from the North Shore Bengals Team and Wyatt, Ollie, and Buttons from the Long Tails. It is sure to be tons of fun! 

Coming to your TV at 12pm and 3pm Eastern!  

Watch Kitten Bowl 5 on the Hallmark Channel!