Keeping Kitty Warm This Winter

Here are a five tips for keeping your cat warm and happy this season! 

Make extra pet beds and place them in warm spaces around your home so your cat can snuggle in on those cold, snowy days. If you are using a box, make sure it is low enough so your cat can climb in and out with ease. Your cat does not need much a blanket or a towel will do just fine. 



There are several types of heated commercial pet beds on the market. Be sure to use beds made specifically for cats, rather than a heating blanket or pad which can burn your cat if it is too high.  It can also be a fire hazard if left on too long. 

Make sure windows are draft-free.  Put a bed or towel on a window sill so you cat can look outside and still stay warm.  Put cat beds in those sun-filled spaces so she can sun bathe and stay warm. 

If your cat is a senior, you may want to consider keeping your thermostat at the same temperature as when you are home.  Have the humidifier on as well to keep some moisture in the air and eliminate static electricity. 


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Keep up with your cat's nutrition needs and calorie intake.  It is important to monitor your cat's calorie intake in the winter and make sure he gets enough exercise to keep warm and active. 

Doing these small things can add up to a making a big difference in your cat's health and well-being.  If you are unsure of how to proceed with making your cat's environment winter-proof, check with your veterinarian.