New Year's Resolutions From the Cat

1. Nap More-Cat naps are the best thing to get through surviving a long winter (and each season) of each year. 



2. Play More-Train my cat mom and dad to play with me for AT LEAST one half-hour a day.  To remind them, I will play by myself preferably with something of theirs and create havoc until I gain their attention. 


3. Catch More Rays-I vow to sit in the sun, stay warm and think of those hot, summer days ahead. 



 4. Eat and Drink More-Stay hydrated and fortified to keep warm and healthy. I will make sure I have fresh water and nutritious food each day. 





5. Be Thankful for All I Have: I was altered by five months of age for health, behavioral and community reasons, have a great home to live in.  My wish is that all of my feline cousins and friends have the same benefit.  Then it will truly be a Happy New Year! 

Happy New YEar.jpg