Cats and the Internet: A perfect Combination!

Who doesn't love cat pictures?  There is a long history of cats and the internet.  First with an animated GIF and later,. the site, I Can Has Cheeseburger or the infamous LOLCATS site. 

Influenced perhaps, by one of the most famous felines of all time, Garfield, the internet is a perfect platform for cats cats..

Cats are...well, just funny, and cute, and do cat-like things! 

Be ready to take a picture of your cat because suddenly he may do something so like a cat! 

Very rarely do they pose...but they can be show offs.  

Greg Esperson #4.jpg

Winner #4 Photo Greg Esperson

Feline Fix by Five had its FB Photo Contest last month and it was a great success! 

Share your favorite picture and we will send you your Feline Fix by Five Decal for Free! 

Offer expires 5/15/18.