Five Ways that Kitty Shows She Loves You

It will soon be Valentine's Day and a day that can we honor our beloved felines and marvel at the animal human bond.  It is such a privilege to have the love of a cat. . 

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Have you ever wondered why your cat head butts, kneads and stares at you slowly and blinks? 

He is showing you the love and showing you that he cares about you, has a connection with you and likes to spend time with you. 

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How about when he rolls over and shows you his tummy or bends the end of his tail? 

Yup! You got it! He loves you!

When he rolls over and shows you the most vulnerable part, he is actually saying, "I Trust You." 

The tail is like a kitty barometer of how he is feeling! By paying attention to those signals you have a good idea how she feels at that moment. 


Cat Wine?

The food and drink category is becoming more and more popular with food and beverages tailored just to your cats' palette!

We've got just the purrfect beverage for Super Bowl activities with your favorite feline this weekend! How about Pinot Meow or White Kittendel from Apolo Peak. ? Or how about some Meow & Chandon from the Pet Winery in Fort Myers, Florida?  But, don't worry! The beverages are actually just watered-down catnip. Have fun! 


Tune in to Kitten Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018

That's right! It's that time again!  You will be able to see Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl V, a feline catstravaganza! 

The celebration is on! Feline Football League-Who will be the Champions? 

Meet Star, Ginger, Chili and the other contenders from the North Shore Bengals Team and Wyatt, Ollie, and Buttons from the Long Tails. It is sure to be tons of fun! 

Coming to your TV at 12pm and 3pm Eastern!  

Watch Kitten Bowl 5 on the Hallmark Channel! 

Introducing the New Kitten to Your Household

How much fun! You now have a new kitten to bring in the New Year! It can be a scary time for the kitten, however.



Below are a few tips to keep your kitten feeling safe and secure. Kittens easily adjust to one another.  When you need to introduce a new kitten to your adult cat, be sure to make the introduction a gradual progression rather than an abrupt meeting. When introduced properly, adult cats learn to love their new little addition and will have fun romping with them, or at the very least, will tolerate them so that you all can live in harmony. 

First, you will want to have a "home base" for the new kitten. Having his own comfort space is important so that he gets used to sights, sounds and scents within the home.  You will find that your other cats may be curious and may even play "footsie" through the door with the new addition if you leave a toy near the door.  You may hear growling or hissing as that is normal.  The amount of growling and hissing should decrease as they become more used to one another. If you hear howling, it could indicate more time is needed and give them time and space they need to adjust.

You will want to move the kitten for a short time to another safe space to allow your adult cats to check out the new scent of the kitten. You will want to reassure your adult cat that the home is still his and that he is still loved and cherished. 


Do not be impatient as it may take days, even weeks to get the two adjusted.  Be patient and take it step-by-step. As you introduce them, be sure to give each his own alone time. By having them sleep separately, it allows for them to get rest and have reassurance that they are still the head of their domain. 

You can begin to formally introduce by feeding and playing with both of them at the same time so they get used to being in one another's space. Be sure not to leave them unsupervised until you are sure that they are comfortable with one another.  Be diligent because you do not want a serious altercation to develop.  If one does develop, you will need to separate and begin the process all over again. 


New Year's Resolutions From the Cat

1. Nap More-Cat naps are the best thing to get through surviving a long winter (and each season) of each year. 



2. Play More-Train my cat mom and dad to play with me for AT LEAST one half-hour a day.  To remind them, I will play by myself preferably with something of theirs and create havoc until I gain their attention. 


3. Catch More Rays-I vow to sit in the sun, stay warm and think of those hot, summer days ahead. 



 4. Eat and Drink More-Stay hydrated and fortified to keep warm and healthy. I will make sure I have fresh water and nutritious food each day. 





5. Be Thankful for All I Have: I was altered by five months of age for health, behavioral and community reasons, have a great home to live in.  My wish is that all of my feline cousins and friends have the same benefit.  Then it will truly be a Happy New Year! 

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Keeping Kitty Warm This Winter

Here are a five tips for keeping your cat warm and happy this season! 

Make extra pet beds and place them in warm spaces around your home so your cat can snuggle in on those cold, snowy days. If you are using a box, make sure it is low enough so your cat can climb in and out with ease. Your cat does not need much a blanket or a towel will do just fine. 



There are several types of heated commercial pet beds on the market. Be sure to use beds made specifically for cats, rather than a heating blanket or pad which can burn your cat if it is too high.  It can also be a fire hazard if left on too long. 

Make sure windows are draft-free.  Put a bed or towel on a window sill so you cat can look outside and still stay warm.  Put cat beds in those sun-filled spaces so she can sun bathe and stay warm. 

If your cat is a senior, you may want to consider keeping your thermostat at the same temperature as when you are home.  Have the humidifier on as well to keep some moisture in the air and eliminate static electricity. 


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Keep up with your cat's nutrition needs and calorie intake.  It is important to monitor your cat's calorie intake in the winter and make sure he gets enough exercise to keep warm and active. 

Doing these small things can add up to a making a big difference in your cat's health and well-being.  If you are unsure of how to proceed with making your cat's environment winter-proof, check with your veterinarian. 


Introducing Feline Fix by Five

Historically, cat owners have not known when cats should be spayed/neutered. 
In addition, veterinarians were not in agreement as to when to recommend spay/neuter to their clients and many of them refused to spay/neuter before six months -  or until after first heat. The result was a huge annual surplus of feline litters.  

black and white cat paw over eyes Photo by rustyruth1959 on  CC BY.jpg

At Feline Fix by Five, we aim to change that!

Nearly 75% of people surveyed in an IPSOS marketing project (which was commissioned by PetSmart Charities in 2009 and 2011) either did not know when to spay or neuter, or thought that 6 months or later is when a pet should be spayed/neutered.  

Timing is everything and the time is NOW! 

Research has shown that spaying before five months can have a dramatic impact on cat overpopulation by preventing young cats from coming into heat and producing unwanted litters. We need to lower the number of litters to be in proportion to the prospective homes. 

Spaying and neutering before puberty also helps with pet retention because it is the hormones that drive some of the unacceptable behaviors such as howling and spraying, aggression and wandering off – or getting pregnant.  Spaying prior to first heat virtually eliminates the incidence of mammary gland cancer in cats and prevents enormous suffering.

Do you have a new kitten in your household?

Find out how your cat can be a Feline Fix by Five Cat!